The Legacy Suite Performance+ range
takes thermal innovation to a new level,
outperforming anything else like it.

casement window+

All the quality of the Performance Casement Window, and more. The Performance+ Casement Window offers the same slim sightlines, superior gauge profiles and a high-end finish, plus increased thermal capacity thanks to the addition of thermal foam and triple glazing options.

With open-in or out and floor-to-ceiling options also available, and many colour options to choose from, the Performance+ Casement Window offers design flexibility to suit any residential or light commercial development.

tilt turn window+

The second in our premium range of window solutions, the Performance+ Tilt Turn Window also has increased thermal capacity built in, and like the Performance+ Casement Window is available in floor-to-ceiling and open-in or out options.

Both windows in the range also hang directly from the frame, as well as rebated doors. And like every product in The Legacy Suite, the Performance+ Tilt Turn Window has been developed with both the installer and the end user in mind – a cost-effective, eco-friendly and elegant solution that will stand the test of time and outperform anything else like it on the market.

passivhaus casement window+

Imagine unrivalled performance in open-out windows that are designed for the UK market. Our Performance+ Passivhaus window solutions showcase all of this, and much more. Built with today’s homeowner in mind, the Passivhaus Casement Window offers superior thermal efficiency (and U-values as low as 0.66), coupled with contemporary design styling.

Like all windows in the Passivhaus range, our casement window has been certified by the Passivhaus Institute for outstanding performance in energy efficiency – making it the ideal eco-choice for today and tomorrow.

passivhaus tilt turn window+

The Performance+ Passivhaus Tilt Turn Window is an inward opening, tilt and turn solution that like the Passivhaus Casement Window, performs in a class of its own.

The same enhanced thermal performance is combined with robust British design to offer a modern and versatile option suitable for any building project or home. Tripled-glazed and available in a full range of style and colour options, this unique aluminium window guarantees warmth and security whilst remaining effortlessly stylish, too.