The Legacy Elegance+ range:
Elegance, style, even more features
and greater thermal efficiency.

rebated door+

All the performance of the Elegance Rebated Door, with even more to offer. The Elegance+ Rebated Door comes equipped with the very latest thermal break technology, meaning it can maintain high performance in even the most extreme of weather conditions.

A multi-point locking system and anti-bump and anti-snap key cylinder promise the highest levels of homeowner security. And like the Elegance Rebated Door in the same family, the Elegance+ Rebated Door is sturdy yet slim, and available in either single or double door options to suit any design build or specification.



lift slide door+

The Elegance+ Lift Slide Door features an innovative lift and slide gearing, which provides smooth operation for doors up to 12 metres wide and three metres high. The result is a truly glazed sliding wall which feels luxurious and contemporary in both appearance and function.

bi-fold door+

Functionality and style combined, the Elegance+ Bi-Fold Door really does make the most of the space outside as well as in.
The same renowned, quiet roller as its Elegance counterpart, and a highly insulated aluminium profile make the bi-fold door a premium addition to any home.