The Legacy Slimline range.
Ultra slim sightlines and a
design aesthetic reminiscent of
the art deco period.

casement window

A window that celebrates the heritage of the art deco period, with a thoroughly modern twist. The steel-look Slimline Casement Window perfectly replicates the appearance of the traditional steel window, while offering all the benefits of a modern aluminium solution – thermal performance, durability and affordability.

Ultra slim sightlines, attractive astragal bars and a range of beading options all add to the classic design of this attractive French casement window, which can be hinged from the top or the side. The Slimline Casement Window is the ideal replacement option for steel windows in a heritage building, or a perfect choice for more modern homes and developments that require an elegant and authentic look.

Entrance door

Striking in design, the Slimline Entrance Door takes its cue from the art deco period, yet feels refreshingly modern thanks to a bespoke three-panel design. And it strikes the right performance notes too – like all products in the Slimline range, the Entrance Door is thermally efficient and features a secure, espagnolette locking system.

Available in single or double options that open in or out, the Slimline Entrance Door adds a unique, retro-inspired element to any traditional or contemporary property.



The Slimline Screen brings a new dimension into any interior space. A focal point in itself, this art deco inspired, fixed screen comes in a range of colours and design options, and is ideal for partitioning spaces without compromising on light and space. Ultra slim frames and a range of glazing options mean The Slimline Screen can easily compliment any interior design scheme.

All screens are also available with a choice of lock and optional door closer.

Modern meets retro

· A retro aesthetic, reminiscent of art deco windows and doors
· A classic, steel-like appearance combined with the modern benefits of aluminium
· Market leading performance and affordability meet
stunning design.

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