About Us

We are proud suppliers of premium, British-made aluminium window and door systems that have been transforming commercial and living spaces for more than 50 years.

Built to last and leave a lasting impression, every solution in our extensive range strikes the perfect balance between durability and design.

We have more than 700 profiles in stock, designed to suit any window, door or walling application. Standard white profiles can be delivered within seven days, and made-to-order colour options within 15 days. For architects and specifiers, we also offer a nationwide team of advisors, on hand to provide advice on design, building regulations, u-Value and wind loading calculations as well as NBS specifications, CPD seminars, budget pricing and approved fabricators.

We have ISO and BES certification and are members of the Council for Aluminium in Building (C.A.B) and Centre for Window & Cladding Technology (C.W.C.T). We are part of The Parkside Group (TPG), a British, independent group which delivers innovative building envelope solutions to the construction industry.

To discover how aluminium window and door systems should be, visit our range.

Our sustainability statement

At Comar, we are committed to running a sustainable business and minimising our impact on the environment. Since 2013, our carbon footprint has reduced by 64%, and by 2028 we aim to reduce it by another 30%.

We constantly monitor our energy usage to ensure we continue to reduce our carbon footprint year-on-year. Most high-energy businesses, such as those in manufacturing, have a carbon footprint of between 10 – 30 tonnes per employee. We achieve an average carbon footprint of between two and five tonnes per employee.

How do we achieve this?

1. Aluminium is highly sustainable

Two-thirds of the energy required to extract aluminium is supplied by environmentally friendly, hydroelectric power. Aluminium can also be recycled without losing any of its properties, saving up to 95% of the energy required for primary production.

2. We source responsibly

We regularly meet with and assess all our suppliers to ensure they match our own high standards in terms of environmental, social and health and safety issues. We are also accredited to BES6001, the responsible sourcing standard.

3. We take committed action to reducing our environmental impact

• Since 2013, we’ve reduced our use of gas, water and electricity year-on-year: water usage is down 74%; electricity usage is down 58% and gas usage down 28%.

• Since 2013, we’ve reduced our level of overall waste by 20%. None of our waste ends up in landfill, it is all recycled

• We are founder members of the closed loop recycling initiative established by the Council for Aluminium in Building, whose main aim is to increase the amount of recycled aluminium available on the market.

• To further offset our carbon footprint, we have invested in Solar Panel projects in India.

• We operate our business in compliance with all environmental regulations, legislation and initiatives relating to the building industry and the wider environment.

• At Comar, we believe our cities have the capability to be the mines of the future, and we pride ourselves in promoting all we do in an ethical way.